1..Virtually Zero Flu Cases anywhere in the world for the first time in Forever !

2…59 Million Deaths in the World this year …virtually the same as last year !

3…No New Virus has ever yet been isolated or otherwise shown to exist ! THE SO CALLED Sars Cov-2 virus genome was a complete fabrication upon which the whole world was made to stop .

4…PCR test is scientifically meaningless …If there is no confirmed new virus what are they testing for actually….a small piece of genetic material that is common in human chromosomes , bacteria and moulds.

5…Most positive tests are in people who have NO symptoms and many people with symptoms test negative.
There is no correlation between having this particular genetic sequence in your snot and having a respiratory disease.

6…Every Day new news coming out that death certificates are fraudulent ( adding Covid pays hospitals big $s)

Add it all up

THIS “pandemic” is bullshit.

This “Disease” is THE FLU repackaged and repurposed.

THIS is the greatest HOAX ever perpetuated .

The Criminals :

The WHO and all it’s subordinate Public “Health” Organizations and all of their Public Health “Officials” world wide ….right down to the local petty tyrants.

As This all becomes public knowledge slowly and then all of a sudden…These People will be severely reckoned with .

The Good News…we have finally discovered a cure for the common cold and flu and have discovered and proven simple inexpensive ways to prevent them as well. No thanks to the WHO et al who were only interested in Deadly Poisonous Vaccines.

Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, Green Tea, HCQ , Ivermectin are all Immune Boosters and Anti Virals …all proven by Independent Doctors and Scientific Researchers.

Pass it on…The Verdict is In !