From a Substack Article by Celia Farber :

The Killing Fields: Sudden Deaths Among The Injected, Including Children: A Partial Account Of An Unfathomable Reality

Fully’s Comments

This is real folks. Celia is grappling with how to spread the word…There is No easy way.

Here is he compilation of the Facts . We here at the tent have been aware of all of this for quite some time. Articles like this are appearing everywhere now. More and more people are waking up to this story of the Covid “vaccine” Holocaust .People will have to go through the stages . Shock Denial Grief …BUT NOT Acceptance…never Acceptance…REVENGE is the next step in this case !

This will snowball out of control before this year is over IMO.

The article from Celia ends as follows:

We are now all living through a man-made Holocaust. We must brace ourselves for what is yet to come.

How? How do you “brace yourself” for mass death of innocent people around the world, including children, babies, parents of young children—everybody?

Somehow, keep our hearts available, open, and human.

That is what people will need the most. For us all to bear witness.

What else can we do?


Read and Watch the Full Article . As difficult as it may be …we need to spread the word and pass this on.

Intentional or Unintentional these Shots are Killing and maiming Millions.

There will be HELL TO PAY ! What else can we Do ? …make sure they all Pay !



Statistics are Cold and mind numbing . Watch this 2:20 minute clip to make this more personal