WORKED FOR ME …The Owner answers the phone too and emails !

Anecdotal Evidence…I have been feeling a little OFF lately after hanging around some newly revaxxed Sheep…

My normal vitamin regime wasn’t really cutting it…so I took 30 mg of this stuff 2 days in a row…and now feel 100% . I am going to take a dose once a week for now ( prophylacticly )

I also have the Horse Paste version ( for my Ass and Pony of course ) . My natropath says this works just fine for those with two feet as well.

All our lives we have been told there is NO effective drug for “Viruses”

They don’t want you knowing about or taking this stuff …IT destroys the vaccine industry…INSTANTLY …the moment it becomes Main Stream


Fully Disclosure and Disclaimer

I am NOT a Medical Doctor ( thank the good lord) but I have been called an Ass