Take a trip down memory lane . Watch this and watch your emotional reaction to THIS as you watch it.


OK ?

Did you feel a pang in the pit of your gut ? …you remember that feeling when this really was happening every day for at least a year and a half
Did You Cry when you remembered how you were treated as a leper by former “friends” and family …may who are dead to you even now ?
Did you laugh hysterically at these Maniacal Morons ?
Did you feel so much more mentally and morally superior to these Fucking Neanderthals ?
Did you feel proud to be amongst the minority who resisted all this pressure
Did you feel fortunate to be in a position to resist while others reluctantly gave in ?
Do you feel Justice is now served to those who called for your incarceration or forced inoculation when you read they Died and you know it was from the clot shot ? Are you eagerly anticipating hearing that some of the evil cretinic idiots in this video meet their demise one way or another ?
Do you feel RAGE ?
Do you feel grateful to have left your former friends and family behind and for the new ones you have found ?
I felt all of the above emotions .

Never Forget