OK…It’s My strong belief that we must uncover as much of the Dark and Sinister Plan which is so obviously afoot with respect to this “Pandemic” and the Subsequent ALL OUT PUSH to Vaccinate evrything the moves !

It also is my strong belief that we do whatever we can to wake as many people up to this “Plan” and that by doing so we can defeat this Evil

Also I much prefer to stay positive and highlight the victories in the battles which make up this War against Humanity

And we must be ever vigilant of going too far down the “Rabbit Hole” and buying too easily into the deepest darkest “Theories” . I like to believe this is all an immense over reaction to a pathogen that will slowly be wound down as more and more of the insanity is exposed .


I want to dismiss it as Completely Over the Top …However after watching the whole damn thing…I can’t

So I am posting it here. I am sure this will be making the rounds and going viral so it cannot be easily ignored

I have not heard of this Researcher and his Organization . Is it Disinformation from the Bad guys designed to terrify us and throw us off the real path. Or is it credible information .

There are a LOT of Dots connected and unfortunately too much of this seems very plausible .

On the Other Hand…Brighteon is a notoriously sensationalistic website that is full of horror stories and conspiracies like this that have never happened .

Warning this will ruin your day ….and cannot be unseen

F**K This SH!T ….sometimes / OFTEN I wish I was just a sheep …happily munching my grass…sheesh