The Flu has been eradicated .
WHO knew ?

Goldtent Researcher Emeritus , Chris in Ontario , just sent this chart.

At first glance I thought..well this chart is up to April 2020 and shows a rapid decline in flu ..thats interesting.

BUT…It turns out this chart is Current to Dec 4th 2020. HOLEY MOLARS

The reason we don’t see any colored bars after Mid April is because in the Whole Wide World there have been no lab confirmed cases of ANY of the several Sub Types of Flu. They are ALL Gone.

Mind you this is from the World Health Organization see the link below for some background…So this is for the whole World ( even including the Countries who have Winter in July August which is their Peak Flu Season.)

WHOOOOO FLUUUUU…The Flu is Dead. Long Live Covid !

Seriously Folks…what do we make of this ? We know that in the Whole Wild World there are NO Excess deaths in 2020. So How to explain this ?

1…Call your Public Health Unit and ask them to explain it ? 99.99 likely to not get a reply..(similar odds of death from Covid if you are under 65.)

2…Corona Virus is just a new strain of Flu and has “crowded out all other strains ?

3…It’s a Scam..They are testing for a bullshit strand of RNA and STOPPED testing for the various Flu strains

Hint..Shouldn’t they at least test the very sick patients who seek medical treatment at the Doctor or Hospital for the Flu too…and not just for the Corona Virus ?

Hint.. the corona virus test does not diagnose just says you have a tiny strand of RNA dead or alive ? We don’t know . Does it “cause” your flu like symptoms ? We have not made that correlation.(see Jon Rapport Articles)

How Come NO Public Health Officials are asking these Questions ?

A…How Come there is NO More Flu ( Anywhere) ?

B… If there is No More Flu why are you still recommending Flu Shots ?

C….Is this Not Criminal Negligence we are practicing of some sort ?


PS …what is really amazing is that the WHO forgot to turn off this chart 🙂