Xlear Nasal Spray ….
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At Utah State University’s Institute of Antiviral Research, Jonna Westover, Ph.D. and her
team performed a study to identify if a xylitol saline solution had any effect on COVID19.
The study compared the effect of four different saline solutions with xylitol against
chlorhexidine and ethanol, with water as a control. The four different solutions with
xylitol were: 1) saline and xylitol alone, 2) saline and xylitol with added essential oils1,
3) saline and xylitol with essential oils and liquid silver, and 4) saline and xylitol with
chlorpheniramine maleate. The results were astounding. Each of the four saline and
xylitol solutions significantly reduced the virus to ‘an undetectable amount.’
Why is this important?
With government agencies and pharmaceutical companies pumping so much money and
energy into finding a solution for COVID-19, this study shows a simple, safe, and cheap
option that could be an effective solution to the pandemic.”
• In a video titled, “There is a Simpler, Cheaper Way to Deal with COVID-19,” posted on
the Xlear Inc YouTube channel on July 21, 2020, you state:
Text of video description: “Xlear Inc
While billions of dollars are being spent to find a vaccine for COVID-19, medical
professionals and researchers may have found a better way to treat the virus–a simple,
natural nasal spray.”
Text of video: “We are spending billions on a COVID-19 vaccine but is there a simpler,
less expensive way? More and more medical professionals and researchers realize
treating COVID-19 through the NOSE is the best option….
Senior co-author of the UNC Chapel Hill study, Dr. Richard Boucher: ‘If the nose is the
dominant initial site from which lung infections are seeded, then… nasal irrigation or
antiviral nasal sprays, could be beneficial.’

ps — I already have this on hand in crystalline form … for use with brushing teeth.