I would like to engage the Tent Authors , one and all, in a discussion that was started in a thread from K2 …below…I’ll start with my response to K2s question : Is this new Story from the French Billionaire who would save the world a true story or is it Faux chi ?

“Hi K2…I already think this Frenchman is Fried and it’s a Fraud

It’s all about preying on people vulnerable to a good story with a happy ending.

Entertainment only.

These people come out of the woodwark periodically and it is easy to get sucked in

I don’t even think they are psyops….just opportunists…it’s all about Eyeballs -_ $s

we have to be vigilant

Remember that Simon Parkes and the Gang… Episode. It had our undivided attention for about 6 months… They really got us. I contributed to a couple of them.

They sold us a story we want to believe and for a while it was very entertaining but when you realize that every word that was said all the while you were rivitted to the podcast was Pure BULLSHIT ! and they knew it. I have zero respect for these types

On the other side we recently had that long technical Doxxing of Dr. David Martin ( The Patent Genius )…it was very convincing and promised a follow up..but none came. The tip off there was the author also bashed Del Bigtree as a fraud and RFK Jr..

pedro has been a tough nut to crack through on mis and disinformation from both sides..

I have been learning from him.

Cheers my friend and thanks for all the work you put into the site :


My point is we need to be vigilant we don’t fall in with these opportunists ..because they really are spewing Conspiracy Theories …we need to remain Truth Seekers Not Sensationalizing Fear Mongerers just for the sake of a good story.

Lets stay Grounded.

I am also not sold on the alien type micron sized life forms that feed on Graphene Oxide…said to have been found by independent researchers most of whom we never heard of …looking through High Powered Electron Microscopes .

More sensationalizing and fear mongering IMHO.

Remember ..there is so much unbelievable stuff going on in this world that is absolutely True…so we are all vulnerable to believing unbelievable stories that are NOT true .

Trying to be

Fully Grounded