but perhaps more interesting than snarky cats sounding like broken records are the new voices joining this chorus. more and more heavy hitters of academia and research are taking the stage and imposing once more some semblance of harmony upon two years of dissonant atonal screeching by histrionic backbench blowhards.

what had been the province of bloggers and a small vanguard of the uncommonly brave professors and pundits is fast opening up to the meaty masses of these fields

this is not driven so much by leadership as by pull through from the fat part of the human bell curve. social contagion works both ways and once the gompertz curve of sanity spread gets steep, things happen fast.

one day 5% believe something. a couple weeks later, it’s half. it’s like watching a full blown phase change. and it’s starting.


Technical jargon aside…the Cat Man has distilled the essence of this Study from a revered group of Main Stream Scientists to the following ( AEs = Adverse Reactions)

For every 6.4 people moderna kept out of hospital for covid, it inflicted 15.1 serious AE’s.

For every 2.3 people pfizer kept out of hospital, it inflicted 10.1 serious AE’s.

Moderna’s ratio is terrible.

Pfizer’s is tragic.

Brilliant assessment from the Cat man

pasted in the comment section in case this is paywalled