Believe it or not this is the guy who is leading the way for the new 3rd Wave Model.

Here is an article from June 2020.

It WARNS about not making the same mitake and doing another lockdown back then .

Well now we are coming out of #2 WHICH WAS ALSO WILDLY OBSESSIVE AND OPPRESSIVE .. but… NO REST FOR THE WICKED …. we are now going INTO 3# apparently

LOOK at What Ferguson predicted …For wave 1 ( right before he was caught for his it)

And they are still listening to him ?

Professor Ferguson’s track-record is poor, to say the least (see Table 2). In 2002, he predicted up to 150,000 deaths from CJD (“Mad cow disease”)—55 times the actual death toll of 2,704. In 2005, he predicted that bird flu could kill up to 200 million people. The actual death toll was 455.