I have been a tent member since 2015 and having been a project manager in the pharma industry working on HIV and  vaccines for 30 years.  I have been shocked by what I have seen.  I realised straight away that these ‘products’ were not pharmaceutical products developed in the usual safety first pipeline but ‘government products ‘ and with a government agenda.

I had a question to myself .  Why are they using 2 doses not 1 as the physiology of the mRNA did not match the need for 2 doses.

Thanks to this site I have been reading a lot of articles provided by independent labs.  We know we need to be careful what we read but if they looked well run and substantiated by other data it could be useful to use the data to ‘join the dots’ and come up with a thesis as to where Schwabby and the gang  are going  with all this.  Fully is right in that so far the ‘products’ are dangerous but benign.  Death rates are not rocketing, yet.

After all if they have gone to the trouble of doing all this they must have done a test.  Wouldn’t you if so much was at stake?  Otherwise world leaders would not agree to this plan.  Remember they also like to have a ‘show’ for all to see and raise the fear factor.  Failure is not an option.

One ‘dot’ to join is the vials  have a lot of graphene, about 1mg per vial according to a few articles I have seen but the dose can vary per batch. Its toxic but not so much on its own.  I went to a good video ‘Bitshute/El Plano graphene..’ On the physiological effects of Graphene in the body. The article showed graphene in the blood vessels forming nanotubes.  It went on to show under the right circumstances such as a magnetic field, the graphene expands and ruptures the blood vessel causing bleeding (and death).

The idea being the product when injected  loads us up with graphene,  and at the right time ‘the magnetic event’ can be launched and that causes the graphene to expand and rupture blood vessels.

The body gets rid of the graphene over time, so my guess is they have to keep loading us up till the time is right.  Hence the boosters, now perhaps 4 per year.  PCR swabs have also  been shown to have graphene to keep us topped up.

The extra boosters  and desperation tells me something is coming soon.  My guess 1Q or 2Q this  year at the latest.

So what is the experiment they had for the world leaders to show it works?  Well it would involve bleeding and be public, then I realised there was a Ebola outbreak (virus that causes sever bleeding and death) a few years ago that was in the media as a scare campaign (fits the bill) .  I did some reading and found that  there was a ‘vaccine’ perhaps developed initially with good intentions,  but then laced with graphene as a test.   Now its getting interesting, articles  even said the outbreak in Africa had 26000 infected and about 16000 died.  These are precise numbers for infection which is unusual, and also vaccines are for protection not treatment, so my guess is that  they injected 26000  and tried the experimental  ‘magnetic event’ and 1 dose of product had the effect.  Joining the dots it explains why 2 doses are required to raise the amount of graphene we have on board, as 1 dose was not enough of an effect for them.

Another article I recently read but I could not find sorry, but could have described  another  test.  It  said that in Wuhan at the outbreak in 2019 they had a  compulsory ‘flu jab’ a few months earlier, perhaps laced with graphene.  The article said they had seen a video of someone collapsing when on the phone.    May be  they were using an ‘event’ that is also  transmitted or amplified in some way by phones or phone network as suggested by the El Plano videos.  Certainly the Covid we have seen in our country was unlike the Wuhan videos of bodies in the street  we all had seen.  They may have been faked but it could also have been a public test run for the vacc.

How would they cover up this scheme?  Call a Marburg virus pandemic!  It is a similar bleeding causing virus to Ebola.  Perfect cover for the plot.  Blame the virus.  They can even control the areas where the ‘outbreak’ occurs by applying radiation in that area to make it look like a viral outbreak.  Another article I read had the US gov sending up transmitter balloons, and they have passed a law to have them as internet backups.  Perhaps they are used as boosters for the transmitting of the event to areas with poor coverage??

The post by Predator on goldtent  ‘Xi hiding new emerging variant’ on Jan 3 hints that it may already be starting in China. The video link mentions bleeding issues for those affected.

How do we counteract this, by not having boosters, PCRs  and taking the vitamine supplements to get rid of the graphene.

All this could be wrong, I hope so.   GLTA.