Sonofabit Coin !

BTC is $2,000 off its intraday low

BTC is still down $3,000 from the beginning of the Day

BTC is great for those who need a live ticking chart all day every day

The Cryptos all trade 24/7/365

PS are we glad we finally have a sound new honest Currency ….This is the Currency of The People !

15 minute chart


I can’t help but think that we here in the Goldtent had a heads up on what was coming..because we all had a chance to see this video On Monday THIS week….just before this Crash…and yes it is a crash….19000 to a low of 11000

in a few days.

This Mike Maloney is my new hero….he explains the whole thing from Bitcoin’s Mysterious benefactor
….. to its Connection with Gold…. to Bitcoin’s SUPER SUCCESSOR….Hashgraph.

If you missed all this…..please check this out.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that ALL Cryptos have fallen HARD this week….

Kudo’s to Spock….who first posted this video on his site Monday in response to the questions…” a chorus of “what the hell is this Bitcoin and Blockchains crap.”

Really Glad we had a chance to get up to speed on this thing….

I think Crypto’s and Blockchain are the 8 Track Tape vs HashGraph’s MP3

And it happened virtually overnight after a critical mass saw that video !

Mike Maloney has singlehandedly brought about the Crypto Crash ….via the likes of us ….its incredible.

This whole new Distributed Leger Thing is incredible….It actually has a chance to take down the PTB….remember the Berlin Wall Came down without challenge.

This alternative money thing is incredible….basically its the Revenge of the Nerds !

These Wiz kids working on a technological system to instantaneously, honestly. and Completely Securely

transact business with anyone on the globe with at least a phone….without middlemen or spies.

This hashgraph looks like the real deal….Bitcoin was a flash in the Pan….a one year wonder. The biggest losers are likely the guys with mega computers trying to mine these things…Price of the product will soon be below cost of mining…Ha…just like our “real miners”

Pass the Popcorn…..this is really cool stuff here…..The Nerds are taking on the Goons

and doin all right….

The only thing I ask is they call this Hashgraph revolution “Sonofabit Coin” !