Some time ago (weeks, longer?) someone at he Tent posted a disturbing video about Smart Lights.
The story line was that a techie relocated from Silicon Valley to a small town in a northern state (was it Idaho or Montana – somewhere in that area) One day, to his surprise, Smart Lights appeared around the town. He went on to explain how these Smart lights were meant to monitor and control the population.
That video needs a repost, please, if anyone can find it.

Our local Freedom Group learned that our small town, population 1700, has applied for a federal Smart City grant.
We will make a strong showing at the next town council meeting early next week to let them know we are aware and watching.

If you are not sure what a Smart City is (15 minute city) here is an article that will explain it.

Here is an interactive map of Canadian places that have applied (so far) to be a part of 15 minute cities. Will your town soon be a (15 min) Smart City?