As TimH has so eloquently shown for Canada…This “Second Wave” is manufactured by a huge increase in testing capacity and usage.

Media is fostering hysteria and fear porn all day every day by only emphasizing “Cases”

A Huge % of those tested are negative

Of those Positive a Huge % are asymptomatic or have a sniffle and stuffy nose.

Only a small % are hospitalized and as you can see above even though there are record Positives ( based on record tests)

There are much fewer people hospitalized and fewer yet in ICU than was seen in the “first wave”

IF Ontario escalates Lockdowns based on this information there needs to be a public outcry …via your MPP.

The only one who gets it is Randy Hillier Independent MPP

Here is the Ontario Website so you can follow this and other charts if you are so inclined.

It will be interesting to see IF those with Flu Like Symptoms in the fast approaching ” Flu Season” will be tested for Flu strains as well as covid.

I doubt it !!!

Likely all those hospitalized will be deemed covid patients.