Healthy & Wealthy Greetings!

Just as soon as I checked into my hotel room in Yakutsk, I went out to find out what I had gotten myself into, in this coldest of cities, built on permafrost. Here’s a link to the first gallery of my impressions of Yakutsk:

Be healthy and, most surely, you’ll also be wealthy!


PS Healthy & wealthy does not necessarily guarantee wise. Here’s an example: Tomorrow, 12 hours from now, I’m scheduled to fly to the northern outpost of Tiksi. Flights to such places in the Arctic are much more weather dependent than to more temperate places, so I won’t know if the flight will be able to make it there until we first take off and then actually land at Tiksi. Presently, there’s a ‘Yellow Warning For Wind’ for Tiksi, in effect through 1 PM Tuesday. The current temperature is -21°F/-29°C and forecast to drop to -31°F/-35°C tomorrow. To get a glimpse of what the conditions were like there yesterday, watch this video  Crazy, eh?