What’s closest Country ( that doesn’t border ) to the USA ?

It’s a mere 2.4 miles !!

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Little Diomede Island Alaska (The U.S. island of Little Diomede (part of Alaska) or Ialiq, also known as Krusenstern Island)

Big Diomede Island Russia (The Russian island of Big Diomede (part of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug), also known as Imaqiq, Inaliq, Nunarbuk or Ratmanov Island)


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“During winter, an ice bridge usually spans the distance between these two islands; therefore during such times it is theoretically possible (although not legal, since travel between the two islands is forbidden) to walk between the United States and Russia.”


The Diomede Islands are located in the middle of the Bering Strait between mainland Alaska and Siberia. To the north is the Chukchi Sea and to the south is the Bering Sea. Fairway Rock, 9.3 km (5.8 mi) to the southeast, is also Alaskan, but generally not seen as part of the Diomede Islands. If marginal seas are considered, then they are the northernmost islands within the entire Pacific Ocean. Because they are separated by the International Date Line, Big Diomede is almost a day ahead of Little Diomede, but not completely; due to locally defined time zones, Big Diomede is only 21 hours ahead of Little Diomede (20 in summer).[1] Because of this, the islands are sometimes called Tomorrow Island (Big Diomede) and Yesterday Island (Little Diomede).

Nice beach Little Diomede in August