Fully asked me to share this. He was so happy for what’s happened at my company.

He said:
“ Astounding !

Best news I have heard !!!

Please copy and paste what you have shared…this will inspire at least one more to do the same”

Here’s what I shared with him:
I’ve been a leader on my pilot union message board. (Like to keep company unknown)

I’ve helped lead so many to not take the shots by simply sharing truth.

Me and two other leaders now have 10% of us pilots that have created a union within our union that have not taken the shot to fight any future attempts to jab us. We share info on a private messaging stream.

We hear from union high ups 40% of us are unvaxxed.

I’ve heard personally from our union president, they wanted to make us the first large aviation company to fully vaccinate the pilots. The union fought for us unvaccinated and stressed to the company to wait.

Vaccinated were talking on our union message boards like they wanted to hold us unvaccinated down and shoot us up themselves. It was tense!

I couldn’t stand it. I stood up. I led. All the good stuff on Goldtadise and elsewhere I posted on our boards. This message board helped me find so much. THANK YOU!
– Vaccine injury info
– ADE concerns
– Prion concerns
– Made in Lab info
– Great Barrington Declaration
– Hydroxychloroquine suppression
– Zelenko’s findings and protocol
– Ivermectin suppression
– Ineffectiveness of the jabs now vs omicron
– Etc. Etc. Etc.

I have been relentless. It’s encouraged others to join me. To speak up.

Courage begets Courage!

We’re not bowing down and taking it.

I was so vocal to the president of the union and 1,000 times as much on the message boards. My persistence on the boards and my personal relationship with the union president, I think helped him fight for us even though he vaccinated himself as soon as he could.

Other high ups in the union? Several not vaccinated.

We speaking up may have helped the union fight for us. I hope so…

In the past from pilots and management there was a lot of pressure to inject us all.

Right now I’m at a good place. There’s virtually ZERO push now. We may have won…
🙂 🙂 🙂