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1 Hour Interview explains ALL


Key Point : Several Studies Confirm 80 to 90% of us have killer lymphocytes ( T Cells) in our blood specifically to kill cells infected by THIS virus and have had them even prior to the “new” corona virus” appearing.

You can call this Cross Immunity ( These Killer Cells have developed to recognize other common Corona Viruses ( like viruses causing common colds) and they are produced by our immune systems in response to “similar” viruses. These cells have memory and are produced even years after a prior challenge from similar viruses.

This is why 80 to 90% of positives have no or minor symptoms.

MOST OF YOU are naturally immune to any serious illness from this corona virus .

Note : Antibodies like those intended to be produced via vaccine…are short lived and largely useless compared to T cells. They are spent after neutralizing a single virus. They are only a minor component of the Immune System .

We need to understand the Immune System on a basic level to understand the charade behind these vaccines.

Fauci and Friends are preying upon mass ignorance . Understand T cells and you understand the scam