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1…Hi Gary,

I was a Rambus member a few years ago and still admire his work – though I was emotionally unable to take advantage of his style.

I am writing to you as I went on Goldtent for the first time in years and I was so pleased to see you have all seen the Covid insanity for what it is.

You have seen that what was unleashed on us 2 years ago was some from of mass indoctrination/hypnosis. Also, you are spreading the real science that has been suppressed.

In the UK there has been a turn. I think the truly ‘awake’ are still in the minority, maybe 10% of the population. But the majority now know that something is profoundly wrong and they are pushing back. They just don’t understand the extent of it yet…..but they will.

GB News has been pivotal in this.

I suspect like myself, you, Plunger and many of the knights see that the Covid tyranny is the beginning of something.

In the coming years I believe there will be many deliberately manufactured crisis to impose further tyranny. One of which will be a massive financial collapse. This may only be a few years away.

I just wanted to let you know that in the UK there are signs that many of us will not go down without a fight.

And while it may get much worse in the coming decade, we are not alone and more and more of us believe that one day we will win.

Merry Christmas,

2..Hi there XYZ Good to hear from you .

Yes Goldtent has been hijacked by a raving lunatic anti covid freedom fighter


Glad to see you found us and are of like mind.

There is a post this morning from the Telegraph showing that 70% of covid “hospitalizations”

are really not because of covid but incidental findings

I have a subscription to the Telegraph actually because I have noticed they are Main Stream but have recently started telling the truth

Are there other outlets in GB that are also telling the truth ?

I sense the Telegraph is a Conservative Paper but very anti Boris.

What can you tell us of the UK media situation ?

I have been sensing an awakening over there. 100 Conservatives voted against recent covid restrictions.

If you would like to post at the tent I would be happy to accommodate


Gary ( aka Fully)

3..Hi Fully,

Great to hear back from you and glad you are keeping an eye on us in the UK!

Please forgive the long email.

Thank you for your kind offer of posting at the tent. Unfortunately I can’t as I need to be careful. I was involved in politics and once worked with Boris Johnson. . I have also written a little for several publications .

However I would be very glad if you felt it was worthwhile to post some of my thoughts as an anonymous source you can describe as you see fit. No problem if not!

It’s good the Telegraph is showing signs of life. Boris used to write for the Telegraph and they loved him, so the fact that they are now attacking him is important. A couple of Telegraph writers I know told me their readers were overwhelmingly furious over the vaccine passports and govt dishonesty going back to the summer. So the anger has clearly grown.

The BBC, SKY, Times, Mail, Sun, telegraph, Guardian etc in the UK are simply establishment propaganda when it comes to covid. I used to know some of the people in Downing Street who control the media here. It’s far worse even than Tony Blair’s era. The total capture of institutions in general is similar here to the USA. It takes a brave person to dissent.

But the fear narrative is starting to weaken as the stats are so obvious. And a few honest journalists are so outraged by the lies they have gone rogue. In the Telegraph you have seen Alison Pearson & Sherele Jacobs for example.

I think when Boris talked of a ‘conversation about mandatory vaccination’ in November it woke people up. Many said this is the kind of things the Austrians and Germans may do, but not us.

So the govt seemed genuinely to backtrack. Instead they doubled down on the separation narrative between Vaxed and Unvaxed. The MSM are really ramping it up and the hate they are trying to stoke is criminal. But my sense is that most people are not taken in here.
When Andrew Neil (leading MSM commentator) wrote a landmark hate article against the unvaccinated in the Mail, it seemed to back fire and even the comments section underneath was full of people saying how disgusting the article was.

Indeed the comment sections on social media and legacy media in the UK seem to show the majority are now against against lockdowns and vaccine coercion. Very different from summer 2020. Many also know about Ivermectin and other Covid treatments that were suppressed. They are getting angrier, many now show a real understanding of the great reset too. Even on the left more are turning against lockdowns & mandates.

The 100 MP revolt in parliament was unsurprising given the build up. Back bench MPs have been ignored in favour of a handful of unelected insiders since the general election. There is real resentment, so hopefully more rebellions to come. Some MPs think the party may even split in the next few years.

There was also a by-election in Shropshire last week where the Conservatives lost a 20,000 vote majority in a seat they held for 200 years! They lost it to the Liberal Democrats who are the only party opposing vaccine passports.

Among friends and family there is a sense that enough is enough with ‘Omicron’. And so many vaccinated people have caught it they are reluctant to take more boosters. That is why the govt are pushing the booster campaign so hard, and spreading disinformation with claims that 90% of Covid cases are in the unvaccinated, when it is nearer 50/50.

There are indeed several websites and activists who are spreading the word in the UK. The best is the The Daily Sceptic:


And of course GBNews which has more viewers than SKY. Last week for the first time on national TV Dr Robert Malone was interviewed by Neil Oliver and said don’t take the vaccine (starts at around 32 mins)

Sites like the Conservativewoman have been brilliant throughout:


Of course many are still brainwashed. Mostly among the middle class (this is the equivalent to the upper middle class in the USA). So basically the nearer you are to the govt, establishment and related institutions, the more you have to uphold the covid narrative. Last week a friend of mine who works in a London consultancy told me that one of his associates came into the office with Bell’s Palsy after his booster shot. Yet he and everyone pretended it had nothing to do with the vaccine.

But they are getting less and sadly more will learn the hard way, and we are increasing in numbers. It really is a war of attrition. Millions of private conversations where people like us try to awaken those who have been taken in by the fear and lies.

So it is going to be a long hard road. But there is real hope. And what better time to embrace hope than now?

Wishing you a merry Christmas.



PS. If you have any time I would welcome your thoughts on the situation in the USA.


4.. This is brilliant

A real live Insider . Thanks so much for this

I would love to post these 2 emails under an alias and of course no mention of your name.

Thinking of a Good “Handle”…. A Great Briton …or some such…maybe thats a little off…suggestions ?

I would like to leave your resume ( regarding Boris Johnson ) in the post …only if you feel it would not give you away.

I would run the post by you in draft form for your approval first

This is hugely important information and I am very excited to hear of the groundswell in the UK .

Your Input would be a wonderful insight into what is going on there. I have suspected You all are waking up .

I am a Canadian . 72 year old Dentist in rural Ontario . Here there are 90% “sheeple” but even here there is a slow awakening

We have had mandated indoor masks for 18 months and revolving lockdowns and now a passport needed for restaurants gyms theatres and sporting events

None of which affects me personally. Ontario is on fire with Omicron…I went on a rant today


Canadians are “good citizens…very polite and don’t like to make waves…but it is shocking to me how many really are terrified and want more restrictions.

I am VERY tuned in to the USA however and I can assure you they are Waking Up en mass Down there. There are literally 2 countries now

It’s the Divided States Of America …The Red ( Republican Controlled States ) 30 of them have no more restrictions and more and more are standing up for Individual Rights …lead by Ron Desantis in Florida…he is Incredible and also Governor Abbot in Texas .

The Blue ( Democrat States) are imploding economically an people are leaving in droves…especially from the Democrat Controlled Cities..like SF LA NY Chicago and others.

The country is completely divided …The democrats went way way too far left ( Progressive ) and Biden’s Poll numbers are the worst by far of any President one year in.

The 22 Mid term elections look to be a massive red wave . He is already effectively a lame duck.

The biggest story now is the Cases before the Supreme Court…to be heard in early January .

Regarding Vaccine mandates for all workers in companies 100 employees or more as well as All Federal Contractors and Federal employed health care workers and now a 4th…Federal supported Child care workers and KIDs

No one knows how the Court ( which supposedly has a conservative majority ) will rule.

Whichever way it goes will be huge . Lower courts have mostly stayed the mandates .

I could go on and on…but I think the point is Americans are LEADING the Way and I am so encouraged to hear Brits are not far behind !

Please let me know what you feel about my above “plan” to get your opinions and insights posted.

Thanks again

warm regards and Happy Holidays



5..Thanks Fully,

I am so glad you want to post my thoughts. I really hope it helps spread the word and lets people know that our numbers are growing.

Any handle you want would be fine, The Great Britton is very flattering if you like it.

And yes, mentioning I used to work for BJ would be fine.

Thank you for running drafts past me first.

It would be nice to write informally as I actually haven’t written anything since this, with the nom de plume of ‘Journeyman”:


I stopped writing because having that kind of stuff in my head all day was not good for my mental health.

Just a quick political resume so you can authenticate me: I ran for parliament twice . BJ helped me a lot in both and raised a decent amount of money for me. I worked for him as an education advisor when he was Mayor of London. I left the Conservatives in 2016 because the culture (in all politics) that was toxic from top to bottom, sociopathic, incompetent, insufficient values. I was totally drained after 10 years of it. I was also a Brexiteer and we were being purged.

In 2019 I joined the Brexit Party and worked for Nigel Farage when we won the EU elections in 2019:

The way that various hoaxes were spread about us was similar to the attacks on Trump – Russian money etc. Even friends would ask me how I could work for a party financed by Putin? I could only tell them that I could see every penny that that came into the bank account and the subs through PayPal, and all the stories being spread were just flat lies. It was the most honest and grass roots set up I ever saw in politics.

I now invest in property, trade, and do a bit of political consulting. My family and I live in a very nice town south of London. We seem to be surrounded by people who think as we do and we are very grateful.

Sounds like There’s work to do in Canada with the 90% ‘sheeple’ figure. Though perhaps not surprising. I saw how Trudeau behaved before the election. He looked like a maniac. Yet he still won – close though it was. He seems to be a leader in the global tyranny.

I feel lucky that in the UK we have avoided much of that for now. And great rant by the way. It is precisely that kind of info the press are starting to reporting in the UK that is helping turn the tide.

I have been trying to answer the following question for some time: Will the UK resort to its historic role as a centre of resistance against tyranny or has the national character eroded too much? Here, I would certainly put the sheeple figure at no more than 50%. But I sense many of them know something is wrong too and could be turned.

So we have had mask mandates indoors only for the last 3 weeks. But I sense they are not being policed. The vaccine passport will only apply to big venues next year. I suspect they will bring in temporary measures in January….but given the various rebellions, they may not be too bad. Wales and Scotland both have left wing governments and have much harsher restrictions.

To add detail and justification to my optimism; I look at all the popular figures in the UK who are beginning to ask questions. For example Matt Le Tissier was an England footballer. He has 500,000 followers on twitter and is now one of us.


The truthful information he spreads feeds straight into the conversations of working class people around the country. When people read his posts and they see young footballers collapsing on the pitch every weekend it begins to move people.

The French election next year will be interesting. If Macron loses it will be a game changer.

Your news about the USA has cheered me up so much. I had no idea that as many as 30 states were free! Ron de Santis is marvellous and I watch him regularly. So too Tucker Carlson. What is happening in the blue states is astonishing and so sad….again the brainwashing means they never learn.

I will watch for the pivotal Supreme Court ruling…. I wonder if it will be a case of watering the proposals down….

Either way it is fascinating to see that again the historical precedent of America leading, UK following and everyone else trailing still holds….for now.

So yes, the ‘plan’ sounds great. Thanks again.

Happy holidays to you too!