From the Cat Man…NAIL ON THE HEAD …OR WHAT ?

“cognitive dissonance is a helluva drug.
in essence, it’s really simple

humans do not like to hold mutually exclusive/contradictory viewpoints
you have an image of yourself and your place in the world

new information about the world emerges that either agrees or conflicts with this view
when it agrees, your view is reinforced

when it conflicts you now face a choice: either you change your views, or you change the data”

Let me know if this is paywalled please…everyone needs to see this


“we have a large group of highly unqualified people with generally technocratic/authoritarian mindsets that have failed up into positions of power for which no one, much less they are really suited.

in a crisis, the emotional drive to “do something” is overwhelming. everyone clamors for action.

so they did things, visible things, bold things, wrong things.

then it all blew up and went wrong and by then, they were too emotionally invested to own the mistakes so they doubled and tripled down and blamed everyone but themselves for “not pandemicing hard enough.”

and they all got trapped.

and their cognitive dissonance and selection bias took over to protect their mental states.”