From PHO Website

PHOEY ON PHO ( Public Health Ontario )

They are so excited to watch My Place shrink . You can just feel it on the website…SO PROUD to be Number 1 in the whole world .

Ontario ( if these numbers are true ..) is the Most vaxxed Place on the Planet..Surpassing the US by a Mile and Surpassing the UK and Israel too…The Lambs in Ontario are Silent..They go where they are told to go !

Still Pushing their Drug Though

They want that Last Piece of the Pie to be light green .

Remember at the beginning…Herd Immunity happens when 70% are Vaxxed.

Looks like They may get to 90% .

What happens if there is an outbreak at 90% ? and The Other 10% has Natural Immunity by now .

They’re screwed…they may try to say it’s those pesky 10%ers fault…but less and less will buy that
especially since these 10% are excluded from crowded places!

The Cretins are screwing themselves ..the more and more that are vaxxed …the less and less they will be able to say the Vaxx works….Really they are there now .

There are Many Countries now who are giving up at 50% to 60%….they are in the Endemic Mode…Past the Pandemic !

Meanwhile Western Contries will push 3rd 4th and 10th “SHOTS” and people will see places like Romania and Croatia and the Scandinavian Countries…doing just fine with no Vaxx push and no restrictions.

The only way out for the Cretins …if they are smart…and we know they are smart ( in the most disgusting way )….is to Have NO MORE COVID CASES THIS WINTER !

How to do that ?

Well …The CDC and probably the equivalent in Every Country….has Admitted ( OUT LOUD ) THAT THEY ARE not COUNTING BREAKTHRU CASES …Not Counting will help reduce cases eh ?

Well Well…Remember they are ‘REPLACING ” The PCR Tests ( probably Jan 1 ) with a test that can differentiate which “cold” you got…was it Corona or was it Some Form of the Flu

Well Well Well….last year there was zero flu and 100% covid …they year before that it was 0% covid and 100% flu

But they never had the Flu “NUMB”ers….plastered on very news feed or channel 24/7

“Flu cases doubled in Slowveinia yesterday to 4 ! Government considering more stringent lockdowns ”

Anyhow my Fearless Freediction….Cases will dwindle to a trickle and the vaxx will be declared The

Greatest Miracle in History , Fauchi will be Knighted and Sainted .

But Unfortunately the Vaxxed will find that in avoiding the “Coof” they signed up for dozens of chronic diseases ….and will start dying more and more over the next years.

“They” don’t want a big control group out there

Of course that’s why “THEY” hate that little piece of pie thats not “theirs”

“they ” want the whole damn Pie !