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In 2020, there was a global disinformation campaign attacking hydroxychloroquine. It’s a generic, repurposed drug. And the pharmaceutical industry has long had that as a business model. They cannot have generic drugs in the marketplace because it absolutely robs them of the profit potential for novel pharmaceutical products.

And what they did to hydroxychloroquine was far more sinister than ivermectin because they were able to design trials using toxic doses, which actually caused increases in deaths. They couldn’t do that with ivermectin because the more you give, the better it is.

“Wow!” exclaimed Del Bigtree. “So that was the one non-sinister thing they did, explained Kory.

But what is it about ivermectin that makes it work better at higher doses?
Let’s refer to the expertise of Dr. Ryan Cole, as he answered this question quite nicely while speaking with Epoch Times.

So clotting is a huge problem with this spike protein. Interferon. So interferon is a very important chemical that your cells make to recruit cells to react to either infections or cancer. Interferon is suppressed by the spike protein — so that’s another harm of the spike protein. So there are medicines that can re-rev up your interferon — some of them are the drugs that shall not be named.

Cole can’t help but laugh at the corrupt state of medicine.

Interestingly, too. I mean, ivermectin. But ivermectin also binds one of the clotting receptors, the CD147 receptor. So some of these miracle rebound patients that many colleagues have seen around the world that were in the ICU and given up for dead — given high doses of ivermectin.

I have a colleague in South Africa [who] saw a patient literally reperfuse her body before her eyes once she got the dose high enough because it will literally bump the spike protein off the CD147 receptor. And, all of a sudden, competitively, ivermectin and the spike compete for that site. But when there’s enough ivermectin in circulation, it pushes that off. Now the spike can’t cause those clots to hold together.

Incredible. So not only does ivermectin bind tightly to spike protein, but it also competes with spike to prevent clotting.


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