The future of finance: All will be digitized by consensus.

Never under estimate the ability of the human spirit to prevail…to find solutions.

We know the current financial system is broken. Just look around you. The evidence is there.

For example, negative interest rates cannot exist in a sound financial system.

Governments and central banks cannot keep borrowing from future unborn generations. This is immoral and unethical on all levels.

As their solution, governments are doubling down, to try and maintain a corrupted and rigged game, which benefits themselves only.

There is a light though, and its shining brightly under the radar. A new capital markets and monetary system is being born. Yet few leaders are talking about it….nor do they even understand it.

Its all based around a decentralized digital ledger, or block chain model as the basis. With multiple layers and apps now being developed by 1000s of very smart people.

In the future, most tangible assets will be digitized and sit on these block chains. The advantages include:

1. NO centralized ownership control authority … no central banks needed!

2. Transparent and open source

3. Peer to peer interaction, that is, no middle man rent seeking

4. The game cannot be rigged to benefit any one party, as smart contracts by consensus define the rules of the game

5. Frictionless, efficient, open 24/7, immutable record (elections cannot be rigged!)

6. Provides a simple, accessible banking solution to every body on the planet who has internet access. The 5 billion who are unbanked, now will have their own bank in their smart phone wallet. Banksters become redundant.

This is the great reset now unfolding by consensus. No central authority involved. This is the freedom that humanity collectively seeks.

This is the light, shining brightly.