Some here were wondering why I kept expressing doubts about the threat of a nuclear war in the Middle East or why I said I don’t lose any sleep over the worry. My reasons can be explained by a video like this one I am linking that show the depth of the fraud regarding the worry about uranium itself.  Best you watch it yourself to see where it goes. The host of the show is a guy named Galen Windsor who went across America some years back and actually ate uranium at his conferences to demonstrate live that we are being lied too and hoodwinked about nuclear bomb threats.

So no, Israel does not have a Samson Option and it does not have a nuclear arsenal to dump on Iran. That is bullshit for weak minds to believe. It also means that a real war between Israel and Iran would likely be decisively decided in Iran’s favor due to its much larger size and traditional military capabilities. Iran is within marching distance of Jerusalem. So is Turkey. A land war involving capable large Islamic armies would end in the absolute destruction of Israel as a nation and send the nations people fleeing to Ukraine (which is the likely actual plan anyway and explains why that country is being depopulated, in particular of almost all its young men and women).

The fraud of there being nuclear weapons is just as big as the fake science of viruses. Its hard to swallow the betrayal at first because its seems inconceivable anyone would promote such an absurd idea on the general public. So if this news helps alleviate your doom fear then it was a video well worth watching. We are being cheated and lied to in order to maximize those fears. Getting wise to the game helps all of us get closer to the truth and reduce our anxiety about an implied global extinction event. So just relax, its not going to happen.



Witness the Nuclear Fear Scam. Scientist Eats Uranium