Read This Piece …all of it! Monty Guild explains Bidenflation more eloquently and reasonably than anyone !

From Monty Guild . Finally a REAL WORLD INFLATION INDEX . We all Knew Govt “official” inflation was Bull Shit …Now we have the proof !

Guild Basic Needs Index (GBNI). Here it is: up 30.7% year-on-year. (The GBNI is constructed to reflect the price of essential living expenditures, without statistical manipulation or adjustment

The GBNI concentrates on four fixed categories of primary and essential living needs. Each category is assigned a specific percentage of the overall index:

Food 30%
Clothing 10%
Shelter 30%
Energy 30%
Food, clothing, and shelter are self-explanatory, and energy is needed for basic heating, electricity, cooking, and transportation. The categories and their values within the GBNI are fixed, unlike the government indices. There is no tampering — no seasonal adjusting, smoothing, or replacing of components.

Let’s Go Brandon