Check out this chart ..derived from England Public Health Statistics by The Expose

They do a great Job of breaking everything down in this piece

The Health “Gurus” have been saying only 5 Million Brits are “Unvaccinated”

One guy wanted to lock them all up. BUT this stat shows 21 Million are Unvaccinated fully 1/3 of the Population

And of by the the Third Shot about 50% Overall have Refused to continue playing the Deadly game of Russian Roulette !

Real Stats …real people !! Real Resistance ! Power to the Unvaxxed Masses ! The Unvaxxed shall inherit the Earth

The UKHSA state in their document that 63.4 million people were in the National Immunisation Management Service cohort in England, but only 44.5 million people had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. Therefore, according to the UK Government, there are actually 18.9 million “vaccine refuseniks” in England alone

This is Hugely Encouraging IMO…Despite the Billions of dollars fear Porn campaign over the last couple of years and the ubiquitous MSM Promoting the Vaxx and Vilifying the refusers …Half of the Population in England have seen through the fog and have said NO ! Therefore they say they do not trust the Health Establishments nor their Governments


BUT…The real Expose in this article is that 1 in every 73 people who took the vaxx are Now DEAD !

Check it out…Critique it …we know statistics can be misleading BUT these guys have left Nothing out IMO .