From the Murky Depths of Worldwide Despair ,
From the Tension created by Mass Confusion ,
From the highly charged Contentious Debates ,
From Intense Worldwide Research and Scientific Scrutiny
From Worldwide Mass Hysteria and Overreaction
From my own Personal Experience….

I have a Theory to put forward regarding the “Novel Coronavirus called Sars CoV 2 and its purported associated disease Covid-19

It’s Obvious, I am sure, to all readers here that I am Obsessed / Possessed ..Both Fascinated and Disgusted by what has transformed our world into one Gigantic Insane Asylum .

My Thesis is This :

Either by Design ( By Gates and Fauci and Schwab and that whole cast of Evil Characters) or by Mistake

This whole pandemic situation is one big error .

In October / November 2019 I experienced what I thought was the worst flu I ever had.

At that time of course there was no idea of a novel Corona Virus.

But I and most of my staff and many friends acquaintances relatives and patients all say the same thing in hindsight…from October ( 1 year ago) through the whole winter ..many of us were sicker than we ever had been.

After The Covid story Broke ..I felt we all had early cases of covid. I felt ,after some research, we got it from MILITARY personnel at a nearby base recently returned from the Wuhan Military Games …But I have now abandoned this thesis,

From a Hospital RN..I recently became aware of several people who died of “viral” pneumonia and some who recovered from it in that time period before Covid was a thing.

I have discussed with other members here at the Tent who live in various parts of the world or who were vacationing last year around this time who say the same thing…they or someone they know came down with the worst “bug” they ever experienced…..all before 2020 .

A lightbulb went off when a poster here TimH mentioned that there was an epidemic of H1N1 Flu last year

Every Year the medical terrorists known as Public Health Officials try to discern what strain of flu will be prevalent and try to convince us all to go to the pharmacy and get untrained pharmacists to prick us with THE vaccine which may or may not mitigate this particular flu strain that they are guessing will be active this year.

Anyhow…Apparently in Hindsight the Prevalent strain of flu was H1N1 ( which was the strain which caused the Swine Flu of 2009 …our most recent “pandemic”)

This is a particularly nasty bug which has never been eradicated in spite of the vaccines that are supposed to do so

It has become “endemic” and we have lived with it for 10 plus years …without Lockdowns or distancing or masks…even though it is a killer virus ( as this present one is supposed to be)

Many who Caught this flu had taken the vaccine designed to prevent / mitigate it..but as we have learned thru research here…sometimes the vaccine will actually increase the symptoms through a process called enhancement…

Personally I did not get vaccinated but many did and still got very sick.

Now fast forward to Wuhan China January 2020…a bunch of people gut sick all around the same time in the same area and were diagnosed with viral pneumonia.

Of unknown cause.

I don’t know if they were tested for H1N1…but I have never heard they were….Nor do I know if there is a relieable test for H1H1 ..since PCR tests were never designed to detect a virus.

Anyhow…It seems immediately there began a frantic and rushed search for the cause of these severe pneumonias in that Wuhan Hospital and almost immediately it was pronounced they had found a new strain of corona virus ( closely related to the 2003 Sars CoV 1…and also related to viruses causing the common cold)

Now we just Learned ..the early scientists in Wuhan detected 37 pairs of genetic material ( out of 30,000 that would make up the genome of a virus) and just plugged that into a computer program to extrapolate the rest of the genome and called this a newly discovered virus( without ever trying to actually find the complete virus and without ever purifying it out of the ‘soup” of billions of other genetic debris mixed in with these 37 “pairs”)

So they really just assumed there was a “Novel” coronavirus…and from that they sent this supposed genome out to every virologist in the world and that was that…they quickly devised a test ( which we now know is wildly contriversial) and used it to detect one or two of these genetic pairs ..and this is the basis for the whole freaking mess we now find ourselves in ..with positive tests for this genetic material dominating the news all over the world 24/7

So .. What IF ..these 29 patients in Wuhan were a cluster of h1n1 flu patients in a City with the worst pollution on earth…apparently exacerbated by the culling and incineration of millions and millions of pigs in that area after an out break of disease in the swine population.

Like one article recently pointed out…perhaps…they just should have looked to the sky and seen that black putrid dust covering everything and deduced this was the most important contributing factor in causing a severe respiratory disease during flu season to be especially concerning.


Occam’s razor, Ockham’s razor, Ocham’s razor (Latin: novacula Occami) or law of parsimony (Latin: lex parsimoniae) is the problem-solving principle that “entities should not be multiplied without necessity.” The idea is attributed to English Franciscan friar William of Ockham (c. 1287–1347), a scholastic philosopher and theologian who used a preference for simplicity to defend the idea of divine miracles. It is variously paraphrased by statements like “the simplest explanation is most likely the right one”. This philosophical razor advocates that when presented with competing hypotheses about the same prediction, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions, .

Note… the next area to experience similar outcomes was northern industrial area with a bad pollution problem also.

Then there is NYC .

So what is my thesis ?

Well as we have also learned through research …while “covid” deaths went up exponentially..’flu” deaths disappeared.

H1N1 causes all the same symptoms as covid..including the ones said to be so unusual ( as we have just learned from another article)

Notice that A LOT of people with symptoms test negative for Covid but are still sent home to quarantine..because they still are suspected.

And a lot of people ( most) who test positive have no r very mild symptoms.

Shouldn’t everyone have been tested for Both Covid And H1N1 ?

Would it not be an important immunology data point to compare how many sick people had one or the other or both ?

IMO it was a huge error to just ignore the flu as a probable cause of all these respiratory problems in a population where the average age of death was over 80 !!!

And what about the fact that we have absolute evidence from Gov’t Stats ( see the sidebar ) that in Sweden and Canada and USA and the Whole World…there have been no more Total Deaths in 2020 and by extrapolation no more pneumonia deaths than in any of the last 5 years ( ie NO excess deaths) ..What the f%^&k kind of pandemic is that ?

So my thesis is this :

1..What if this was just a severe flu ..exacerbated in some areas by the pollution problems.


2…The PCR test is just detecting random pairs of genetic materials perhaps produced in response to the H1N1 flu virus or other pathogens.

One thing for sure..Not all sick people test positive and not all positive people are sick

There…I am relieved I got this off my mind and into print.

Feel free to shoot holes in my thesis

I wish all these Main Stream Scientists at the Alphabet Agencies would be as open to new theories as I am