If you believe the above Numbers for Today YOU are a Covidiot

This has been going unnoticed and unreported .

Today ( and every day for 6 months at least) 40% of all “Cases” in the World were detected in the USA

The USA has as many or more restrictions as most places in the world and yet it has these enormously outsized numbers day after day.

Rounded numbers :

#1 Covid Nation..USA Population is 330 Million…….190 Thousand cases today

#2 Covid Nation.. India’s Population is 1,400 Million..16 Thousand cases today

So we are supposed to believe that USA with 25% of the population of India had
12 x (1200 %) More cases than India Today…and every day !


I would venture to say that USA has way more restrictions than India at the moment and USA has way less population density than many many cities in India and way more sanitary conditions .


Taking this a step further

In the Whole World today there were 500 Thousand “cases”

The USA was responsible for 200 Thousand of them ?

There are 8 Billion people in the world …330 Million in the USA and 7.67 Billion NOT in the USA

40 % of the cases were in a Country that has 4% of the world’s population !


Meanwhile China !! Ha !

China a Country of 1.4 Billion people had 21 new cases today !

My little County here had 21 cases today. Same as the whole Country of China ???