Djokovic seemed particularly emotional after this win. The scenes after the match of him celebrating with his family and team in the stands were memorable. Indeed, they were life-affirming. This wasn’t just a tennis match. It was justice. This is a victory for a whole movement.


Bill Gates was in Melbourne to witness Djokovic’s comprehensive victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas. Photos of Gates show him looking forlorn, bordering on miserable.

Gates is the Sultan of Vaccines. The Djoker is the Prince of Covid Dissidents. One wants to vaccinate the world, possibly for sinister reasons. The other is a champion of informed medical consent and the right to medical privacy. And freedom of movement, to boot. A little schadenfreude is surely permissible in relation to poor, sad old Bill.

That, of course, is why Djokovic was deported. Only a fool would have believed that he was a threat to anyone’s health last January. No, the fascist Morrison regime simply couldn’t stand to lose a single battle in its war on Covid scepticism. The government of the seedy and unlamented Scotty and his sidekick Hawke, the NSW party machine man who contributed massively to Morrison’s defeat by rigging NSW Liberal pre-selections, were deeply invested in the vaccines, financially and ideologically. In January 2022, before all the conclusive evidence on the vaccines was in, there was still a propaganda war to be won. ‘Safe and effective’ had to stick. Having this anti-vaxxer cowboy on the prowl in Australia, winning tennis tournaments, was just too much for the political class to stomach.