How the Sinaloa Cartel orchestrated bribing of THOUSANDS of elected officials and key Arizonans (police, judges, admin staff, elected officials at ALL levels of government etc etc etc), how the election system was built with back doors so that the cartel could manipulate votes as well as coordinate the modification of result tabulations to meet desired end results.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and her husband directly linked to accepting bribes from the cartel for over a decade and SO MUCH MORE!

Absolutely incredible presentation – national law enforcement already involved (FBI and multiple 3 letter agencies) – multiple states – not just Arizona.

Multiple attempts on the lives of individuals working on the gathering of this information.

Fast Forward to the 4 hour/3 minute mark to hear the BOMBSHELL that was dropped — this womans presentation is ~40 minutes long. It was cut short by a very nervous looking Arizona Senator. (It’s a shame as she was right in the middle of naming names etc.)

Interesting side notes:

  1. Kari Lake’s daughter was victim of an attempted assassination during the 2022 election campaign.
  2. If you think this woman looked nervous – she just blew the cover on the Sinaloa Cartel as to how they are operating in Arizona through bribes, kickbacks and blackmail — and she lives there. Why isn’t this front page news across the USA and specifically in Arizona????
  3. Meeting was held on Thursday, February 23, 2023
  4. Originally mentioned by Karen Bracken in her substack as worth watching – she deserves credit!
  5. What bravery!