“In this post, I want to help you tactfully refuse vaccines as a requirement for your work.  This also will apply to testing. So if your employer is  brazen and ignorant enough not to know the law that they are violating by requesting you to be vaccinated as a term of your employment, first understand, that in Canada this is completely illegal.  Knowing this, you can put this issue to rest.”


1.. Are there any of the vaccines that are approved for clinical use, and if so what are they?
2..Can you provide me with a detailed list of adverse reactions, deaths, and other risks of injury that are required in order for you to have informed consent?
3.. Since the vaccine manufacturers are indemnified from liability if there is injury, death, or long or shorterm adverse reactions, are you willing to accept liability?
This will stop most of them in their tracks.

If they cannot accept all 3 of those terms, you are off the hook, and if they terminate you, there is a slam dunk wrongful dismissal case, and you will be able to sue to the maximum amount you would be eligible set forth by provincial and human rights legislation.