Bill Sardi

Fully’s comment

This is not Conspiracy Theory it is fact…no Virus has ever been “isolated” nor has the tinsy weensy RNA strand they test for ever been proven to be part of a virus ..Nor has anyone remotely demonstrated that even if it is part of a virus that virus is a causative agent for any disease. It says so right in the article cited in this above post.

The Conspiracy Theory is actually The Blind Belief that there is a New Virus Causing Illness. It is Indeed only a Theory and Obviously a Conspiracy. !

From Personal Experience I believe these infections and diseases people are experiencing are Bacterial

I had all these symptoms and took amoxicillin…and I was ALL good the next day.

Others I know took Zithromax and had the same miraculous recovery.

These are standard antibiotics (kill bacteria)….not anti virals