At the Moment …Everybody is afraid of something.

For Most it’s an Invisible “Idea”

Can’t see it …(not even in our strongest microscopes….so they made shit up and called it a genome)
Can’t taste it….( or anything for that matter )
Can’t touch it ( or each other)
Can’t Smell it
Can’t Feel it

But it’s out there , lurking on every counter top , maybe on your groceries ,definitely hiding in healthy normal people….silent supers spreaders where the enemy breeds and strikes anybody within an acre of them .

Thats why we need the Government to Kill this invisible demon ….

Wash your hands , spray those counters , wipe those doornobs ( best not to touch them anyway …use the elbow instead just to be safer…no visitors…no hugging anyone not in your “pod”

STAY SAFE …Is the rallying Cry from this clan.

So they all watch the Covid Porn Channel 24/7 to see where the next mutant will be from…

Did you hear about The Jamaican Variant ?…Increases your apatite …cookies chips… “munchies”

which makes you obese and the the virus comes back and kills you .


A Small Minority of people are living in Virtual Fear of a cartoon Character called ….Klaus Schwab

aka the Joker 2020 edition .

Impending doom no matter what side of the fear porn spectrum you are on.


So I think …we need to be better that that. Gotta Chill…lets face it there is always a battle between good and evil…it’s just this one is playing out on a global scale.

Sometimes it takes something BIG to get the collective juices flowing and wake us up .

It’s good of course to be aware of all this shit going on…I mean lets face it the Tin Foil Conspiracy Hard Core Fear Porn guys …WERE RIGHT

There is a commie pinko plot to take over the world and our very lives.

But now that a Significant and Growing Body is aware of this….we are on our way to beating this very visible enemy…

Time to lighten up and enjoy the battle. We are on the Right side…I almost pity those who are not.

Lets try to find the positive news this weekend .

Then Pass it on .