This is from our anon contributor yet again. Lets call him Lobotanon

If you think of Alex Jones as some way out there whack job ( as I have) you need to reconsider . Was he was right 13 years in advance ?


“I had another short video for you by the way. The reason I want to bring this one to your attention is because it shows that there was indeed serious discussions about vaccine induced chemical lobotomies going all the way back to 2009 and earlier. Back then (13 years ago) they were calling it cognitive enhancements. That was the year Alex Jones first brought it up. He says in the video that this is the impending plan.

Was he ever right…..

To me this is evidence that this was the key to the true agenda all along. The narrative about spike proteins and so many other medical issues have just been muddying the waters and distracting us from the real program. This is about dumbing down the population and eliminating spiritualism which would ordinarily be the strength of mankind. So far, they are winning the battles. More than half the world has already fallen. But understanding what is being done to us will help our resolve to find solutions to the attack so we can live peacefully and even thrive in the future.”

Alex Jones in 2009 warning that vaccines were being developed to lobotomize us