The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found 297 PCR-positive dairy product samples for H5N1 avian flu, including cottage cheese and sour cream.

Now, in covid times, one can imagine the headlines: cows’ milk is a danger to human health as it transmits bird flu; it’s time to quarantine all cows. Had the modellers been involved, we might have seen a call for a massive cull of bovines with screeches to stockpile prophylactic antivirals for millions – what happened in 2005.

However, this story has yet to hit the deadlines. Why?

The agency tested the sample for viable replicating viruses using egg inoculation and found all were negative. Tests on 96 PCR-positive retail milk samples were negative. They then tested 201 more PCR-positive dairy product samples, including cottage cheese and sour cream. All were negative for viable virus.

The World Health Organization hastily put together a webinar on the public health risk of avian influenza (H5N1) detected in US dairy cattle. The expert reaction was reassuring.

“The message was also reassuring in regard to food safety with pasteurization successful in limiting virus in consumer milk and milk products despite genetic material of the virus (but not infectious virus) being found in 20-40% of supermarket milk samples in the US. There are large amounts of infectious virus in the milk of heavily infected cows, and the finding of remnants of the virus in pasteurized products isn’t too surprising.”

One wonders how many other viral fragments can be found in milk, as well as stray proteins, peptides, DNA, carbohydrates. If you look you will find. This is absolutely true.—Nass



BINGO ! This is what I assumed was going on….CAN YOU SAY…. P C R !

They still use the useless PCR test to detect “Viruses” BUT as the Creator of the PCR test said…it is NOT designed to detect pathogens…just designed to find molecular sequences of any matter you might want to look for. With enough “magnification” you will find everything in anything …so it’s useless for determining if a subject is sick under the influence of anything they may find in that test ! KAPICHEZ VOUS ?


Kary Mullis, Inventor of PCR Test – “PCR is not a reliable test for viruses”

The Vibrant and healthy Kerry Mullis ( who co-incidently was a staunch nemesis and critic of Antony Fauchi ) Mysteriouslv Died in 2019 a few months before “covid” !

Do the MATH !