Kewl2, this feels so important it should be emphasized. I’m emphasizing it. Thanks for sharing this!

I really think the chart should be shown too. Heck, this is a charting site, or used to be. Lol. (Now it’s become something much more important for humanity)

Why, for about the last 6 months in the UK, are VACCINATED between 10-59 DYING about 2.5X MORE OFTEN than unvaccinated?

What began a little over 6 months ago?

This is HUGE. The link to the UK government data is here too.

The UK data (which I looked at and you can too) gives the data in age brackets. One is 10-59. By showing this age range, it shows an age range where people shouldn’t just be dying of natural causes.

Why for 6 months has this been going on?

This is real hard data proving something strange is going on, that many have been worried about.


Aren’t the vaccines supposed to prevent death? Why are we doing this again?

Is this a smoking gun?