Last week, Florida’s Department of Health issued its official government guidance on the new covid boosters. In addition to recommending against the shots for anyone healthy under 65, the guidance also requires providers ti discuss the risks even with patients 65 and older who want the shots.

Wait till you see the risks that doctors have to disclose to jab-happy seniors.

The guidance requires doctors to disclose the following list of jab “safety and efficacy concerns:”

1..mRNA vaccines are associated with negative effectiveness.

2..Studies show vaccinated developed an increased risk for infection.

3..The shots present a risk of subclinical and clinical myocarditis and other cardiovascular conditions for healthy people.

4..There is an unknown risk of adverse events with each additional dose.

5..Elevated levels of spike protein persist in some people for an indefinite period of time, which increases health risks by an unknown amount.

6..The guidance included two pages of studies. In other words, Florida is following “the science.” Or, it has “the evidence.” Your pick.

Establishment Media was not happy about Florida informing seniors about the science. They might hesitate! Worse, according to the Washington Post, the new guidance “worries experts:”

As if the experts didn’t already have enough to worry about. What with the Pirola variant rising and everything.

Here is a link to the Florida’s Department of Health’s latest guidance, in case you know someone who might benefit from this information.