The Brandon Administration likes to tell us 85% of Americans have “Complied”

Well…This survey of real people begs to differ

I am extremely impressed with this number of Pure Bloods in the USA

This says a Whole lot about the American People IMO

The Pressure to get Jabbed has been like nothing ever seen before in history.

Governments, Main Stream Media , Medical Establishment , Social Media , Military , Universities and Karens Galore…Bribery Threats Intimidation Mandates and on and on and yet…By this survey’s figures

Over 100 MILLION Americans have resisted and followed THE Science . And I bet most of them have GUNS and AMMO Out the wazoo…Good luck trying to herd them into concentration camps….LOL

Here in Ontario we are told that 92% are vaccinated and 50% are Boosted ( in the age group 12 and older)

If true these numbers indicate one of the biggest differences in the 2 nations

We have More Sheep and YOU have more Independent Thinkers who value freedom of choice above ALL .