Reply to a comment from DaveinThe UK

Good Points Dave

Maybe Brexit is being discounted now as you say

But as to a FED Hike being bearish for commodities and Gold ?

A Fed Raise in December fuelled a $200 run up in gold

Fed Raise in June = ???

Look we all know about as much about all this as is necessary to keep us confused

Never thought I’d say this but…Fundamentals are unknowable by all except Mr Market who it is said knows a full 6 Months before we Mortals….that’s why …Its ALL in the charts

We are all here because we Wanna make money trading gold …right ?

Well…there are still some who just wanna be right

But For those in the former ….We encourage you to learn some form of TA and understand price charts or you have NO CHANCE …trading on what you THINK should happen….think about it….yikes ( Most of us who have traded the PMs for a couple decades or more have learned this the hard way !) We have Scars and bruises in some very delicate places .

Charts … well as being very useful…. if you take the time to learn how to interpret them…are Endlessly Fascinating.

Rambus Motto Modified.

Give a man a chart and he eats for a day…Teach a man to chart and he starves..(but if he sticks with It) He eats for lifetime……even if sometimes its Crow.


HEY DAVE….I just realized You are IN The UK… what do you and your peers think is going to happen

Quebec tried to succeed from Canada with a vote and the seperatists lost by less that .01 %

One more person voted OUI and they would be out by now.

Scotland…pretty much ditto

So Britain ?