LOOK at this : Canadian Canabis ETF

What a classic

Buy the rumour / sell the news !

I checked the legalization date and it was exactly at the top print.

AND one more thing about that chart…I dont think I have ever see this before but this incredible negative parabola followed EXACTLY the 50 DMA ( or vice versa) …So my plan is buy the 50dma breakout !


Looking at this chart….I guess someone (a lot of someones) realized that this “business” has a lot of competition . …from their prospective customers.

Just about everybody in my area was growing their own weed before legalization.

So who needs legal pot.

And it iS legal to have 5 plants anyhow.

However…now that the froth has been thouroughly wrung out of the market and all the little guys got fleeced

This chart says there HAS to be a bottom around here…certainly it says RISK REWARD GREEN LIGHT !

Hmm…what could eliminate all this competition from the prospective customers ?

Well how about this…and I don’t think you will hear this Anywhere else on the www

This is my own research ( which consisted of talking to my two earstwhile “suppliers”)

This summer NOBODY had any success growing pot ….Everybody who had sucessfully cultivated thier home grown plants for years said the same thing…….IT ALL WENT TO POT

ie…The plants all went to seed ( no buds)

and WHY ?

Here’s the kicker

We live in a rural area and this year for the first time there were some farms who grew Hemp plants.

Turns out IF there is a hemp plant anywhere withing 2 miles of your pot plant ….it will cause your pot plant to change from female to male and you will get no “flowers” they go to “seed”

So what if they shut down the hemp farms ? Too late…the plants have spread to the open fields now…they are prolific.

Ha !

So anyhow…I am watching this chart and I think there will soon be a good set up

Anyone wanna get high ??

Surf’s UP