OK….Huddle Up Goldtent

What do you think here ?

I think the wealth effect is kicking into gear

The real Economy sucks but who cares.

The younger generations ( what do they call em ?)

The 20s and 30s year old guys who are making a killing in Crypto and Pot….they are going to get around to gold

soon….So tell your kids and grandkids about our god forsaken sector and that we have been watching in horror as

Cryptophreniacs and Potheads are making a killing while our shit just sits there.

Stock Markets in almost every sector and in every country in the world are also making new highs….sooo…investors are making a killing !

Now remember add this to the fact many of these kids are under or un employed…and they love to gamble…lotteries…football….

So when they see friends making a killing on these wild sectors they are more and more going to want to find a new game….

Lets face it its the Gamers….the new Generation of millionaires who need to come to gold to bail out us old geezer

goldbuggers who are past our best before date and still holding on to rocks …in the hope of avoiding the Wall Mart

greeter fate.

Share your personal stories…are the kids and grandkids in these markets and are they aware of your gold fettish ?


I am not an economist…never took an economic class in any school I ever attended.

So I may be way off here BUT…When the value of stocks world wide are increasing rapidly is that money printing out of thin air >

Maybe the Fed and all those other CBs are stoking all this …it makes their jobs easier…

I dunno …its all too confusing for me but there does seem to be a bear market in Common Sense and a Bull market in

most everything else.

Another Thing I am wondering …Are the big Pension Funds investing in Pot ? Ha…The Teaches Pensions will depend

on the success of this new industry….and the 100 baggers that go with it