According to Dr Sherri Tenpenny…Watch this video and learn about ADE

Actually I post a lot of stuff and I am sure many of you go ho hum and don’t have the inkling to watch them…BUT THIS ONE …YOU EFFING BETTER WATCH ..IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE…NO SHIT .


1…She Says in 30 days 40,000 adverse reactions to Vaccines have been reported in USA many many of them severe …including Death , Parasthesia ,Paralysis, Tremors and many other debilitating conditions and only 1 in 10 reactions actually get reported …much of this in age groups who are not at all even inconvenienced by this “virus”.

2…The mRNA Vaccines produce Non neutralizing Antibodies NOT the traditional Neutralizing Antibodies

The difference is Neutralizing Antibodies are specific to the whole virus and gobble them up and dispose of them while Non Neutralizing Antibodies are made only to the small spike proteins and they attach to that part of the virus and carry it INTO the cells.

This is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE…..and it KILLS YOU …the next time you encounter the “wild” Virus because your immune system over reacts to the ensuing viral load and the Cytokine Storm destroys your own cells and overwhelms you . Got it ?

Another thing that happens is Your cells make millions of these spike proteins the mRNA in the vaccine is programming them to make…so that’s why your immune system goes crazy trying to defend you.

The mRNA is an ON button without an OFF Button.

Could THIS by why “Health Authorities” are already predicting a Third Wave ?

The ensuing carnage will be blamed on Variants …Not the Vaccine…NO DOUBT !