“For purposes here, all considered will be for this current year of 2020. As of this moment, according to the World Life Expectancy tables, total deaths have reached over 44 million out of a total population of 7.734 billion people. If this number is extrapolated out for this year, total deaths worldwide will be approximately 58.7 million. Average deaths per year worldwide currently average close to 60 million deaths per year, so this year is certainly not abnormal, and in fact seems to be slightly less than normal. How can this be, given that we are told we are in the middle of one of the most deadly pandemic periods in history, so deadly that the world has been shut down?

Total deaths ‘claimed’ due to the so-called Covid-19 have reached according to these tables, about 1.009 million so far, which includes all Covid-19 deaths worldwide counted since last year. This does not take into consideration that the CDC has stated that only 6% of all Covid deaths in the U.S. (and therefore most likely the world) are from Covid alone. Using the current number of cases claimed of approximately 34 million worldwide, and current deaths claimed of 1.009 million, this equates to a death rate of 0.0297. If only deaths due to Covid without multiple co-morbidities are considered, that death rate falls to 0.0018. Either way, there is no pandemic!