since the gold/silver bull died an ugly death. No matter what I tried to do, it was wrong. Stayed in the precious too long, waited too long to jump on the Dow bull. Missed many, many opportunities. But as long as one has some cash, the game is not over.

So I lurked at this site for a few months. Could not believe the accuracy of the TA here, the brilliant ideas, the range of ideas and opportunities. The willingness to help…

I slowly eased into some positions, making some profit balanced by some (fewer) losses. It appeared this could work! At long last, things started to make a whole lot more sense. Basic rules started to come into play, ones that I had payed lip service to, but now they seemed to “fit” so much better. Maybe it’s the culmination of a lengthy learning process where there is an “aha” moment, don’t really know. I just know that now I am making decisions with more confidence, and following rules so much better (key one being don’t suffer big losses!) What was before difficult now comes much easier, for some unknown reason.

Anyway, today my trading account lept 22%. Because I took my time and positioned myself right. Was patient. Likely sold some stuff too early, but gosh, the profits were just too good not to, and now I have cash for the next entry. Likewise, I manage a decent chunk of dough in my dad’s PF. 90% of which is in cash thanks to this group, as his account does not allow options trading. I pick my moments with his money, likely much more carefully than my own. But his account is nonetheless up nearly 10% since January 1.

Wanted to thank all who created, run, and participate in this collection of crazy technical analysis practitioners. You have saved my investing bacon. Never thought I would find myself investing into a bear market – but for me, this is working out far better than playing the Dow bull. Many, many thanks.