Bitcoin (BTC) could prove to be the best performing asset this year.

It looks like it wants to test its all time high around $20,000 soon.

$26,000 is the measured move target … possibly by the end of this year.

This is how free markets operate, with true consensus price discovery; compared to gold and silver which is a rigged paper game.

There is whole crypto token and security token eco system being developed now, by 1000s of very smart people.

This ecosystem, which is decentralized, peer to peer, and trades 24/7, anti-fragile and will replace the current monetary and capital markets system, which is fragile, corrupted, inefficient, expensive, centralized, rigged and clearly broken.

The Davos crowd and their bought politicians and other charlatans such as MSM, have no idea what is happening around them. Clueless fools and clowns, with outdated ideas and beliefs. The real reset is happening around them, on decentralised block-chains such as Ethereum, but they are all clueless to it.