Greetings from Armenia!

A couple of weeks ago, while in Moscow, Crimea attracted my attention, so I made arrangements to go there. About the same time, it started to feel like it was time to think about heading homeward. That prompted me to look at a map and flight routes. There are very few open routes in and out of Russia for Americans now, Moscow being the main hub. I happened to notice flights from Sochi to Yerevan, and from there I could fly from Yerevan to Europe. So, I bought tickets and here I am, now exploring Armenia!

Since arriving here three days ago, I’ve been amazed by the feeling of Yerevan. It rates as my favorite city, has a wonderful vibe, with similarities to how Portland, Seattle and San Francisco used to feel a few decades ago. It’s friendly, attractive, interesting, clean, safe, easy to get around, lively as can be but in a gentle way and with so much to do. Not being a city person, I’m surprised by how much I am enjoying it here. That said, it’s now time for me to get out into the countryside! Later this morning, I’ll pick up a rental car and go cruising around. Of course, more on that later.

Interestingly, Sevastopol also had me comparing it to the Portland, Seattle and San Francisco of old. Like Yerevan, Sevastopol also appeared to me to be in a sweet spot. Come to think of it, Vladivostok is there as well. Anyway, here’s a link to photos, a sampling from my Sevastopol experience:

Here’s to discovering wonderful treasures, old and new!