IMHO This is a brilliant piece from the Cat Man .

This confirms for me something I’ve been suspecting for a while now

ALL news organizations …from the Legacy media to big tech to Alt Media to Individual Bloggers

are after the same thing…Eyeballs…And we individually and collectively choose what we are interested in …

The World of “News” is changing rapidly . This is an eye opener if you can let the cat Man’s

Premise in for a moment .

Audept and I feel fortunate to have this platform to explore this brave News World with all of you.

We are not all that interested in Numbers of Eyeballs . We have a few Thousand Regular viewers but we really don’t know the exact number and dont care…we have resisted any impulses monetize

No advertisers we are beholding to …No Subscriptions to sell … Just a place for decent self respecting truth seeking folks to participate …

What do we get for all our effort …we get to know all the great posters this place has attracted
We feel gratified to be supported by those who read regularly ….and most of all we get to know we are NOT alone in the way we live our lives and the way we think .

Anyhow here is The Cat Man’s Epic Piece…Something special IMO