Comforting that the Ontario Government uses these Titles to demonstrate the levels of control we are experiencing ?
Grey is worse than Red ? My hair is under lockdown 🙂

From The Ontario Dental Association Covid Alert : Announcing the new Covid Codes From The
Ministry of Truth Health

Snip : Under Education Compliance and Enforcement

Proactive education and outreach to businesses and organizations
• Compliance checks, inspection, paired with education; monitoring, and Provincial Offences Act (POA) Part I or
related tools to improve outcomes (e.g., warnings and fines)
Multi-ministry COVID-19 safety blitzes coordinated with local by-law and police services
o Includes fines and prosecution for blatant and/or repeated non-compliance; results shared with local
officials and media, POA Part III or related tools (e.g., appear before court, potential for significant fine
and/or jail time.

Fully’s comment..cant wait to experience
Multi-ministry COVID-19 safety blitzes coordinated with local by-law and police services .

“The Ontario government has launched the Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Framework. It purports to ensure that public health measures are targeted, incremental and responsive to help limit the spread of COVID-19, while keeping schools and businesses open, maintaining health system capacity and protecting vulnerable people, including those in long-term care.

Starting on November 7, the province will transition public health unit regions to the new framework, using proposed classifications based on data and increasing in stringency: Prevent (green), Protect (yellow), Restrict (orange), Control (red) and Lockdown (grey). Currently, it is proposed that health units in Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Peel, Toronto and York Region be targeted to be under the “Restrict (orange)” classification. This initiative is consistent with the staged and regional approach of the province, and the principles that have been outlined in the ODA’s Return-to-Practice Toolkit. Refer to the government’s news release for more information on the classifications.