This is something from Goldballoon Bill I just had to share.
Here is an email he received from a long time “friend”
Many of us are dealing with this in our daily lives.

In the comment section I am pasting Bill’s incredible response…for you all to use as a template should you feel the need.

We live in “Interesting” times indeed…………..

“To my 37 family and friends in the US…from Germany

Dear family and friends,

…I am apalled, horrified, disgusted..!!!
What we saw in the news today is absolutely the summit of these four years with Trump.
How could it come so far..?
Why hasnā€™t anyone tried to stop him from going crazy.
How is it possible that so many people went into this madness..?
The world is chocked indeed… The US turned into a banana-republic with a sick president. A little bit less of the half of your population is resposible.
When will you realize that the Republican Party is a Nazi-party, racist, misogynous, infame, unmoral, uncivilized.
What do you need more to open your eyes..? Where is Christianity..? Where is Jesus..?
Germany is revolted because all of this reminds us of what happened in our country on January 30th, 1933.
We had such an enormous respect for the US who helped us truly to recover from the Nazi disaster.
Of course a main part of the Germans where guilty of keeping silent, but terror was ruling the country.
I know that a few of you are Trump-fans and I surely do not want to hurt your feelings, but I am scared for your future.
In this matter it would be a crime not to shout what you thing!

Wow… I feel better now…
Remember, all of you, what I told you four years ago…
With lots of love to all of you,