Steve Kirsh says its Good news…I am not so sure yet. needs to be vetted…watch for Our Guys !

My understanding is it is still spike protein

BUT instead of the mRNA programming our cells the spike protein is pre manufactured in Moth Cells and injected with some sort of vector that enhances the immune response

Is that all that much better ? Lets watch for analysis


If this vaccine were approved in the US, everyone in the US would want it and avoid the other three existing vaccines like the plague. Their market share would drop to zero. So it isn’t going to be available here. The FDA will make up a reason it isn’t safe. So it will not be accepted in the US (e.g., for satisfying the unethical vaccine mandates) even if it works just as well as the other vaccines. Mandates are not about safety; they are about forcing compliance with what the government wants you to do